Making a Difference

Starts with You

“We need not wait to see what others do.” -Mahatma Gandhi
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Making a Difference

Starts with You

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  • What is Sustainability?

    Sustainability is a term used to describe the maintainability of the earth. Simply put, we need to manage the world’s resources in a way that will last for many generations. This task is not simple.

  • Looking Ahead

    Our future depends on our ability to sustain our planet and its resources. With a growing population and increased energy needs, we must develop solutions and strategies for tackling the needs of society in a sustainable way.

  • Powering Change Together

    With the global connectivity we have today, one man is no longer an island. We seek to build & connect our network of sustainability leaders across the world. Together, we can magnify our potential and create unparalleled change across borders & time zones.

Learn How You Can Do Your Part

What is Sustainable Development?

A simple introduction to sustainable development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Collaborating for Progress

Dakota Stormer has lead multiple projects to completion, forming teams of experts and advocates to innovate solutions to the world’s sustainable development needs. Interested in working on a project? Check out our featured projects below!

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